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How to create control field and related field in PeopleSoft ?

We all know there are many ways in PeopleSoft to display the name of the employee in the name field based on the employee ID field. 

In the below requirement, the name should display with respect to the employee ID field based on the control field and related fields.

This is one of the PeopleSoft interview questions. but most people don’t know about this exciting functionality

Note: The test name is displayed because data is available in the table.

Step 1 Initially, prompt table needs to add in the employee ID, which should also have a name field on that record. We have used the personal data table, which has both employee ID and name, so I have used this table.

Note-1 : The number of keys should be same for both display control field record and related field record.

Note-2 : The number of key field same In the order Tab control field should be on the top of the related field

Step :2 Go to order tab and then select employee ID and go to use and select display control field 

Step 3: Go to the name field and add them as related fields. Related control field displays shows respective field.

Step 4: Then go to name field(instead of table field you can also use Edit box field ) . Change the record name to personal data Was given in prompt table . This is the important place where everyone makes mistake. 

Now the name displays based on employee Id . In the below image we have made name 

Field as display only this will happen if you click the related field button. 

Advantages of Control field and related field

This feature helps to avoid writing peoplecode to display the name of the employee which respect to employee ID .

By using this method we can reduce customization in peoplesoft.

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