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PS query

How to create simple PS query in peoplesoft

What is PS Query in PeopleSoft?

If you are new to Peoplesoft, you will hear about PS queries. It is nothing but a reporting tool. It is mainly used for running simple or complicated SQL queries to get information from PeopleSoft records. PS query can be accessed from the PIA. So any functional user can access a PS query without having database access, but records need to be added to the tree for access . For creating PS query involves 4 steps

How do I create a simple PS query?

Step 1-Identify records

Go to the navigation Main Menu > Reporting tools > PS Query > Query Manager and click on the link ‘Create a New Query’ to open the below page:

Step 2 : Select fields for the Query

Now we need to select the list of fields that need to for the query

Step 3 : Set criteria

Step 5 : Run the query

Frequently asked Questions
Why were some queries unable to access ps query in Peoplesoft?

In PS query, there are two types Public queries. (This query can be accessed by anyone. So there will be no issues in finding the view sql.) and private queries (This query cannot be accessed by anyone apart from the owner.) .  

In order to make private queries to public, you need to run the below SQL

In this case, first we can find the owner of that ID and ask them to assign a new owner. 

Select qryname , lastupddttm, createoprid from psqrydefn where qryname = ‘your_query_name’; 

By this way, we can find the ownerID and access the query  

Go to PeopleTools > Utilities > Administration >  Query Administration 

Why is some record not showing in the PS query?

In order to access the custom record, they need to add it to the tree

Navigation :Peopletools >security > query security >selecting access group > add child record.

What are the important records in PS query?

There are multiple PS records which have listed below

  1. PSQRYDEFN: Query Definition
  2. PSQRYBIND: Query Prompt
  3. PSQRYBINDLANG: Alternate Language Query Prompt
  4. PSQRYCRITERIA: Query Criteria
  5. PSQRYFIELD: Query Field
  6. PSQRYRECORD: Query Record
  7. PSQRYDEL-Query Definition
  8. PSQRYEXECLOG: Query Runtime Log
  9. PSQRYEXPR: Query Expression
  10. PSQRYFAVORITES: Query Manager Favourites Table
  11. PSQRYACCLSTRECS -The “Query Access Record List” is filled out by the PSQRYACCLIST Application Engine program. This program is utilised during the query runtime to verify the authorised list of records for each operational class.
  13. PSQRYFIELDLANG: Alternate Language Query Field
  14. PSQRYFLAGS: Global Query Flags Table
  17. PSQRYDEFNLANG: Alternate Language Query Definition
  18. PSQRYSELECT: Query Select
  19. PSQRYSTATS: Query Runtime Statistics


Kindly comment to us if you have clarifications in PeopleSoft . If you want to know about roles and permission list click here

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