If you are working in the PeopleSoft, we may have to face this kind of issue during migration 

We all have something in mind that how to roll back the changes in PeopleSoft after doing migration. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have that option. But we can take the backup from target instance before doing migration. 

This would be the simple way 

For our understanding let us consider HR_DEV (development instance) and HR_PROD (production instance). 


Go to upgrade session the HR_DEV instance. 

Step – 2 

Uncheck all the upgrade Tick box. 

Repeat it for all the definitions in the project and save the project 

Step – 3 

Go to Tools > copy Project> To Database 

Now copy project to HR_PROD 

Note: since we unticked the upgrade checkbox only definitions will be migrated . 


Go the HR_PROD 

File > open> project> project_name 

Verfiy the definitions by comparing to HR_dev 


Go to tools > copy Project > To file 

Now you have successfully taken the backup of original codes. This may help you to roll back the changes. If there is any issue with migration. 

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