This is a new tool that made drastic changes in PeopleSoft that reduced the customization of PeopleSoft pages. Using this tool, we can hide the field, change the field value, disable the entry based on the roles, or apply validation based on the fields as well.  

This will be highly efficient because it will save time in writing the peoplecode for validation.

  • Disabling the entry of the field
  • making the field a required field.
  • Setting the default values 
  • Modifying the label name 
  • Hiding the page 

Interestingly, there is no use in using the app designer to make the changes.

Let’s make a small demo for this page field configurator. 

Let’s consider that we do have two requirements  

  1. Disable the time Reporting code Field. 
  1. Hide the Quantity field 

(Refer the below image to see the requirements.) 

Page and field configurator peoplesoft

Step –1 

First, we need a component name. We can get the component name using a shortcut ( ctrl+shift+J).  

Step 2 

Navigation (Main Menu > Enterprise Components > Page and field Configuration) 

Make sure you have the correct field name. If it is fluid, then you can use the inspect option to find the correct field name.

Page and field configurator peoplesoft


Add the component and market as global  

Page and field configurator peoplesoft
Page and field configurator peoplesoft


Now we need to select the correct field in the page and field configurator 

If the component has multiple pages, then we have to select the correct page and the correct field.

Page and field configurator peoplesoft


After adding the fields, we can now select page and field configuration options like disable entry or hide field. In our requirement, we need to select disable entry and hide the field.

Page and field configurator peoplesoft

Step -6

Now we need to select whom the changes need to reflect. For this, you need to navigate to the user list.

If you want the changes to reflect on all of them, then select “All With Excluded Roles and Uses,” and the role name and user ID should be blank.

Page and field configurator peoplesoft


This is a final change we need to make in page and field configuration, and even after saving the changes, they won’t reflect in Fly. After mapping the portal registry, you need to click “Apply Configuration.” 

Page and field configurator peoplesoft

Step 8 

Now the changes will reflect on the fly. You can see that Time Reporting Code field is being disabled  

The Quantity field is hidden 

Page and field configurator peoplesoft

Notes: The changes will only work on page activate event. If you want to make changes in subpage or in the grid then we need go to

Review/ Edit Mapping > page level Event Mapping > select> EOCC_POSTBUILD. 

Also if you want to learn about control field and related field then have a look on below link

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Thank you. Happy learning.

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