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Employee wellness Deployment -Peoplesoft



Peoplesoft HCM delivers new self-service transactions in health and safety for employees in the HCM PUM 40 update to report and track employee wellness information in employee self-service, like vaccination test results and allergies. This feature may help employers keep track of their employees’ health during an epidemic or pandemic period. 


Step 1: Tile Selection

Navigation: Employee Self Service > Health and Safety 

Select the health and safety tile to report the vaccination in the landing page of employee self-service. 


Step –2 -Vaccination tile

Use the vaccinations tile to report the vaccinations we received. The landing page shows the history of our vaccinations and the employees who reported them. Add a new vaccination entry and select the vaccine you received, like covid or Flu 

Note: Select the decline vaccine option if you don’t want to get the selected vaccine and specify the reason on the next page. 


Step –3 – Enter vaccination info

We can enter the vaccine and the respective date that we got a vaccination. Then we must provide a supporting document as an attachment and an acknowledgement to submit the vaccination. 


Step –4 -Approval process

The vaccination entry is submitted for approval; if the selected vaccine doesn’t require manager approval, the entry displays the status of recording instead. 


Step –5 -Tracking

We can report or track our test results using the test results tile. The steps we use to report vaccinations and test results are identical Let’s add a medical test result entry. Select the medical test to report and enter test details. In this example, the test setup requires that we provide supporting documents as an attachment and an acknowledgement to submit the entry. 



Step –6 

If we have allergies that we want to report, use the allergies tile to specify the allergy and add any comments that we and managers want to know if we are facing a health issue. 




Managers can review or update the vaccination test and allergy information that employees reported in employee self-service. Any information that the managers add, update, or delete for employees on this page is visible to individual employees in the corresponding health and safety tiles. This completes our demonstration of the employee wellness feature. 

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  1. It is easy to track an employee’s health during an epidemic or pandemic period. 
  1. During emergency cases, it would be valuable to know pre medical conditions. 

PeopleSoft Team 

Thank you. Happy learning………………….. 

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